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Naxadol Carisoprodol Naproxen 250 mg 30 caps

What is Naproxen? What does Naproxen use for? Naproxen is one of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Naproxen has antipyretic, analgesic

Norflex Plus 50 Tabs (Paracetamol, Orphenadrine)

Norflex Plus Norflex is a central M-cholinoblocker and myorelaxant. It also belongs to the group of antiparkinsonian drugs. When to

Yuredol 10 mg/250 mg 30 caps Cyclobenzaprine

Yuredol 10 mg, 250 mg 30 caps Cyclobenzaprine The muscle relaxant medicine Yuredol is popular for the treatment of back