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Kitoscell LP 600 mg 90 Pirfenidone Tabs

Kitoscell LP 600 mg 90 Pirfenidone Tabs   Anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic drug KitosCell-LP, which is prescribed by doctors for the

Kriadex Clonazepam

Kriadex Clonazepam Kriadex Clonazepam 2 mg is an antiepileptic drug from the group of benzodiazepine derivatives. It has a pronounced

Lertus CD Diclofenac sodium and Codeine 50/50 mg 20 Tabs

Lertus CD Diclofenac sodium and Codeine 50/50 mg 20 Tabs Lertus CD – NSAID, a derivative of phenylacetic acid. The

Lexotan Bromazepam



Lexotan is used for anxiety, tension, or agitation. Anxiety or tension associated with the normal stress of everyday life usually does not require treatment with medicines.

Lozam Lorazepam 2mg

Lozam Lorazepam 2mg Lorazepam Lorazepam is also known as a generic with other brand names (Lozam and Ativan). This medication

Lyrica Pregabalin 28 Tabs

Lyrica Pregabalin 28 Tabs What is Pregabalin Lyrica? Pregabalin Lyrica is a drug with the active ingredient in a group

Lyrica Pregabalin Generic 28 Tabs

Lyrica Pregabalin Generic 28 Tabs Pregabalin is a medication used to treat anxiety and epilepsy. Pregabalin is also known as

Mazindol LOSE-IFA

Mazindol inhibits appetite, so it is prescribed to improve the effectiveness of a low-calorie diet. There is a satiety center

Meticorten prednisone 20 mg 30 Tabs

Meticorten 20 mg Meticorten 20 mg is an effective and safe weight loss drug. It is an amphetamine derivative, and

Naxadol Carisoprodol Naproxen 250 mg 30 caps

What is Naproxen? What does Naproxen use for? Naproxen is one of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Naproxen has antipyretic, analgesic

Neotrex 30 tabs Isotretinoin (Accutane)

The powerful and very effective anti-seborrheic agent Neotrex Isotretinoin for acne therapy, which cannot be treated with other drugs. Neotrex

Nocte Ambien Zolpidem 10 mg 10 tabs

Zolpidem what is it for (Zolpidem para que sirve)   Zolpidem generic is a sleeping pill that is prescribed when